Doors of Greece

Inspired from strolls all over Greece. Doors from houses you could find in the tiny alleys of the Greek islands & the mainland. Choose your favorite!

Love to travel

A collection tribute to the small origami boats we were making when we were kids. 


A modern depiction of motifs that are found in the Ancient Greek vessels as decorations.

Evil eye

Beautifully hand drawn eyes inspired by Ancient Greek motifs. A stylish way to protect yourself from the evil eye!

Icons of Greece

Every small detail from the Greek islands is an inspiration for us. So we constantly create products that evoke the feeling of a Greek summer vacation to bring back home. 

Cats, donkeys

& more

We love animals! Here is a collection for all the animal lovers out there! Choose your favorite!



Get inspired from the Ancient Greek wisdom & take some with you!

Ancient Greece

When you visit Greece you have a journey back in time. Ancient temples, theaters, palaces, everyday people and kings are here to be discovered from you.

Olives & leaves

A beautiful collection of products inspired from the holy tree of our land, the olive tree.


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