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Something more than a notebook. A unique notebook for everyday use, full of quotes from ancient greek philosophers. Their quotes and conclusions were the base for physics, psychology, medicine and many other sciences. The educational character of this notebook help us become better people every day we use it to write our thoughts.Every notebook has (5) five sections, characterized by a greek word which is also known abroad. These words are : eros (love), philia (friendship), politics, zoe (life), psyche (soul).   Each section has different color. We selected a color palette in order to follow the greek landscapes and their colors, such as the deep cyan of the sea, the yellow of the sun, the silver/grey of the olive leaf, the beige of the cycladian stones and the light blue of our sky. Find in every page a new perspective of life! Product Description Size | Height: 10.50cm Length: 15.5cmHard laminated cover & backcoverSpiral bookbindingPerforated sheets for easy cut55 sheets (with a different quote in each sheet)English version Designed & made with love in Greece!

GREEK QUOTES - great philosophers

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