We love gifts! Festive seasons like Christmas & Easter are  the best times of the year for us, because we create beautiful ideas for your clients, collaborators & other people you want to thank. You have the opportunity to choose from many packaging ideas (boxes, pouches etc.), lucky charms of the new year, ornaments & beautiful products of our collection that can be fully customizable with your logo or other design (technological gifts, stationery, homeware, accessories and more) , now with the choice to combine food or beverages.


It's time to spark joy !

It's time to surprise & delight your clients & colleagues with gifts full of personality !


To request our Easter presentation of gift ideas please click here.


To request our Christmas presentation of gift ideas please click here.

Our designers are here to help you create

premium gifts that will be used,

enjoyed and most importantly, remembered.


Στιγμιότυπο 2020-11-09, 10.46.14 πμ.png
glass scented candle
secret message candle
stone coasters
christmas ornaments
wooden star candle holder
metal ornament with candle
wine mug
Στιγμιότυπο 2020-11-09, 10.48.40 πμ.png
tea star
tree calendar
christmas mug
christmas candle
stone cubes
wine cheese set
lucky charm new year