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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Lucius extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is an excellence of the Greek oil production, a superb product ideal for the Mediterranean diet. The Lucius EVOO is produced with koroneiki mono-variety olives, the olives used for centuries in Greece for the production of extra virgin olive oil, and it is characterized by a very low acidity level. The Lucius extra virgin olive oil has a delicate taste, a limpid green-gold colour and a slightly spicy aftertaste. The olives are cold pressed to maintain intact all the nutritional properties and the organoleptic qualities of the oil.

Our client named the olive oil, Lucius, for two main reasons. The first one, because there is a river next to his olive trees that is named Lusios(Arcadia, Greece). And the second one, because Lucius reminds an Italian word that means light or luxury. We wanted all of those facts to be represented in our label for this great olive oil.​

According to the Ancient Greek mythology in the river Lusios, nymphs Agno & Thissoa showered the baby born god Zeus. So we were inspired from the father of the Greek gods and his symbol (lightning strike) and created a new one from the mirroring of two strikes that resembles a holy pot for this precious liquid, the Greek olive oil.

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