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Two sided plexiglass keyring | Hand pulled silkscreen print | Lazer cut


Greece is a small country but has a rich and eternal culture. Except from the ancient monuments , also modern greek architecture has a great interest. 

The bright light of the greek sun couldn't be more well combined, but with the colorful doors of Greece. You can find them on greek islands with beautiful bugamvilias, or small olive trees. A great contrast with the white walls of cycladic villages or stone houses in Peloponese.

Come and find your favourite door or buy our keychain and have a piece of Greece with you.   

Designed & made with love in Greece!



Max. Height with ring: 7,5 cm

Plexiglass Length : 3,6 cm

Plexiglass Height : 4,5 cm

Ring Diameter : 3 cm

Max. Width : 0,4 cm

Blue Door

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