Hellenic Food Culture

SeaCrets Inspirations is a work shop which was established in 2000, located on a Mediterranean town Kalamata in the region of Messinia, in South Greece. Company's name is a wordplay, emerged from the words "Sea and Secrets" of Mythical Greece. Initial mission was the promotion of the most famous local agricultural products and their by-products to the Greek Market and our Country’s Foreign Visitors. With the Second generation now leading the Work shop their mission evolved . They are committed to inspire their customers to live a better life by adopting our Food Culture Nutrition's in a daily base.

We wanted to create a brand identity that from the first glance would evoke thoughts of Greece. The pure white of the Greek light is used as a base for our illustrations, the watercolor we used for each element represents the water of the sea that encompasses the Messinian land and every single product differentiates from the other with minimalistic illustrations, but always keeping in mind that we create a beautiful family of products that has a big variety.


virgin olive oil • aromatic virgin olive oil • balsamic vinegar • red vinegar with herbs Kalamata olives • green olives • Kalamata olive paste • green olive paste • natural sea salt

oregano flowers & leaves • olive soap with honey •  olive oil with truffles • gift boxes


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