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YASU Greece is a business in the cosmetics' field, based in Athens Greece. In 2017 they decided to launch a new line of products, based in natural ingredients such as olive oil, honey, aloe vera, chamomile & more.

All the products are made in Greece & our client wanted to promote that, so we decided to use our country as an inspiration. Another important issue was the fact that the line of the products would have many different codes & all of them should be designed under a specific aesthetic umbrella. So we used elements of ancient Greek vessels that could be transformed easily in order to give us a variety of patterns ready to be used for such a big family of cosmetics' products. Of course the palette of colors we used gave a nice feeling of unity among the different products & a fresh feeling. Each product has a key ingredient, so we were inspired from its color for the main palette, starting with a light blue for the basic line, as a statement of the Greek sea.

Having created a very cohesive identity we gave YASU GREECE the potential to add easily any new product in this cosmetics collection & have a distinctive image on the self.

nourishing body lotions • shampoo & body wash • scrubs • hand creams

moisturizing body oils • soaps


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